The Gene Anderson DVD

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Running time two hours. Contents include the Part-Time Pro lecture, plus a live performance and explanation of the Newspaper Act, including the Torn and Restored Newspaper, the "preacher" Die Box routine, and Picto Transpo.

Gene's Note: This was originally filmed by Stevens Magic Emporium in 1990 as Volume 37 of The Greater Magic Video Library. Twin Cities Magic purchased the rights and converted the VHS to DVD in 2004. Here's what you should know:

  • Every item on this DVD has been updated in The Book.
  • No commercial video footage has been shot of my performances since this DVD.
  • Although it is old, this is still a good DVD.

The following review about the DVD was written by Joe Malkiewicz in 2005.

5 Stars. Outstanding! The Penultimate in Paper Magic! At some early-on point, every magician wants to learn to do a good torn and restored newspaper routine. At that moment, the name Gene Anderson enters your world. Older magicians tell you, "Gene's the best." So you buy Newspaper Magic. It's great. Then, if you're lucky, as I was, you get to see him in person. You see Gene's remarkable performing ability as an emcee and as a magician. Finally, you get this DVD. You see why Gene Anderson is so highly respected. Here is an accomplished artist whose entire act is carefully structured and thought out. He is clearly the master of newspaper magic and this DVD makes that available.

But more than that, you will get to see him do a clever routine with a die box, a delightful picture transposition, and a series of charming newspaper cut outs and hats. You'll also get to see the secret to making the paper fir tree take on its enormous length.

As I watched this tutorial, I couldn't help thinking "chicken soup." The quality and consistency of old-fashioned, dependable, good-for-you chicken soup! There's something wonderful about knowing that the Gene Anderson I saw in person retained the same level of performing integrity as the one I saw on the DVD. That sort of long term quality can only come from someone who has put his heart and soul into his art. Gene Anderson has, and this DVD will reward the viewer. (Reprinted by permission of Joe Malkiewicz.)

The Gene Anderson DVD
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