Si Stebbins Card Routine

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Si Stebbins, a vaudeville and circus performer (1867-1950), is immortalized in magic for the arranged card system which still bears his name. Although the concept of a "stacked deck" is quite well known, even magicians are often fooled by it in performance. Laymen are totally baffled, and more importantly, they are thoroughly entertained.

The routine has five phases: (1) determining missing cards by a glance at the deck, (2) determining cards by listening to the deck, (3) counting the cards, (4) finding any card called for and (5) the lie speller. No sleight of hand is required, and even the false shuffle is quite simple to execute. Practice is required to develop proficiency with the deck, but phases 1 and 2 require very little skill or calculation, and the lie speller finale is self-working and a truly perfect conclusion to the routine.

A complete description of how to arrange the cards, patterns within the stack, the Charlier false haymow shuffle, shortcuts to calculations, performing tips, an expanded history about Si Stebbins, and Gene's complete patter for the routine are included.

Note: This is an updated manuscript. It is identical to Chapter 26 in The Book, except the chapter number is replaced by my name in the manuscript. My previous 6-page manuscript has been a popular sales product on my website for many years, so I will continue to offer a manuscript, but now it will be this updated version. The basic routine itself is unchanged, but additional historical information and performance tips have been added. Be aware that the twenty-two additional routines in The Book make that a much better overall value for obtaining my Si Stebbins Card Routine. However, the manuscript is available if that's what you prefer.

(Soft cover, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 9 pages, saddle stiched.)

Si Stebbins Card Routine
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